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Thursday, September 5, 2019

A President, a Businessman, and a Teacher ... Happy Teachers' Day! Relax for a Minute and Smile!

Happy Teachers’ Day!
Teachers work hard. This is why sometimes they need a minute to recharge their batteries.This joke will make you smile. Enjoy!
This joke was stolen from Russian FB and then translated.
Google Translator sucks, I translated it myself (where is AI when we need it?)
So, here it is.
President, Businessman, and Teacher were sent to Hell.
President asks Devil – can I make a call, I am curious how are my people living without me?
Devil allowed.
President talked for 5 minutes and asked – how much from me?
$5000 says Devil.
Businessman asks – can I call, want to know how is my business doing?
Businessmen finished in just 2 minutes and asked – how much?
A teacher says – can I call, too?
He talked for 8 hours – about the school, how are the students, who gets what grades, what happened on the staff meeting, about lessons, showcases, awards, textbooks, school appliances, school accreditation, quizzes, exams, tests, portfolio, …
Finally, he was done and asked Devil – how much from me?
Free – said the Devil – zero.
President and Businessman screamed – why????!!!!
Well, said Devil: from Hell to Hell – within the same network – no charge.
Happy Teachers’ Day!

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