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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

"Tightrope": chilling facts about America
Everyone who ignores facts is an ignorant.
Ignorant people cannot make informative decisions.
The country is at a fork, but no one can predict its future.
However, informed and active people may influence it.
That is why it is imperative to know the facts.
Many people agree that the Country face many problems.
However, there are laws in psychology that govern problem-solving actions.
Those laws states that in order to design a solution to a problem one must first walk through the following four steps:
1. One must accept the existence of the problem (“I have a problem, indeed”).
2. One must want to solve the problem (“I really want to do better with …”).
3. One must believe that it is the one’s (his/her) problem (“Only I can do it”).
4. One must believe that one has the ability to solve it (“I can do it, for f#ck’s  sake”).
The facts described in this book are devastating for America.
One can refuse to read them.
One can refuse to believe them.
Or at the minimum one can get scared for the future – his/her own future, the future of his/her children, look in a mirror, and ask – what can I do?
Because if no one is going to do anything serious any soon, then in five-ten more years America will pass the point of no return and the facts described here will remain forever.
So, don’t be an ignorant.
Start from learning the facts.
Reading (start from "Greed - the cancer of America").
Some people in the progressive camp may say – we are already doing all that.
Evidently – no enough.
Or – not the right way.
For more, check the Politics page.
For comfortable reading zoom-in the web page 
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Find the data at the end of this post.









This is why the decline of America is the direct result of The Degradation of The White Male American Elite

The last quote is also for people who do not understand the true role of the third party. As I wrote many times (using polemic language):
“Anyone who believes that a third-party candidate can become the President is an idiot.
But everyone who believes that that makes the third political party irrelevant is even bigger idiot”.

Note on life-expectancy: keep scrolling down!

Recently I came across another chilling book. I strongly recommend to read it. If is a factual encounter of how American food industry had become a chemical industry and literally is killing Americans with chemicals that are banned in Europe as health hazards. And how those companies paying off scientists and government officials to cover it up.
Bill Gates focuses his efforts on saving Africa. Maybe he could spend some of his money on saving Americans from being deliberately poisoned?

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