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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The lessons from the 2020 elections.

Get ready for political pundits and analysts to be talking about the elections and what they learned from them for months ahead.


This is an early example: 6 Takeaways From Election Night 2020 (by Domenico Montanaro).


First, I would like to present some quotes from this piece (taken from this summary).



1. This is going to take a while 2. Trump will pull out all the stops 3. This isn't the blowout Democrats hoped for 4. The realignment is happening 5. The popular vote and the Electoral College clash again 6. The polls were wrong again.



A win is a win, if Biden is able to pull it off. But the country remains hotly divided and polarized, and given Democrats are unlikely to take back the Senate and their unexpected losses in the House, he would hardly have the ability to get much through Congress.



And 2016 wasn’t a fluke. With the swing of white voters without college degrees firmly to Trump’s camp, the Blue Wall that Democrats have relied on for decades — and that Trump knocked down in 2016 — is far too fragile to rely on. Meanwhile, the diversifying Sun Belt states are changing the map.


Now: let’s take a closer look at some of the statement. I deliberately underline some words, to discuss their meaning.


This isn't the blowout Democrats hoped for”. “. The popular vote and the Electoral College clash again”. “The polls were wrong again”. “But the country remains hotly divided and polarized”. “Democrats are unlikely to take back the Senate and their unexpected losses in the House”. “And 2016 wasn’t a fluke.


All the statements above prove, again, that the people who belong to the top echelon of the Democratic party, including all their advisers and the close-circle pundits/analysts, did not learn any lessons from the 2016 fiasco. None. Zero. Zilch. 


How and why the Democrats screwed up.


Because, otherwise they would not hope for a blowout, they would expect the difference between the popular vote and the Electoral College, they would not believe in polls, they would expect the country to be polarized, because they would now that 2016 was NOT a fluke, and they would design a very different strategy to strengthen the House and to flip the Senate.


That strategy would not be based on attacking Trump: “Look what bad, stupid, crazy thing Trump did again!”.

For example, read my old piece: Why Do I Want To Vote For Trump” (the list of relevant publications is long).


That strategy would include a strong collaboration with the third parties and independent movements.

For example, read my old piece: “The True Role Of The Third Party” (and this is another list).


But, once again, American elite, this time on the left side of the political spectrum, demonstrated their inability to “think outside of the box”, which, and I say this as a teacher, a good one, means just inability to think. Period.


“When the God wants to punish a man, He takes away his reason” (or something like that).


“God” has punished the Democrats, and “he” did it hard.


Instead of searching for new ideas, the Democrats got stuck with being ignorant and arrogant. This was the deadly combination. And I’m sure (yes, I am sure of it!) even NOW they did not learn any lessons.

Because, as humans, they are simply incapable of comprehending complex, complicated matters. If they could – they would. Simple like that.


I addressed this inability in many posts, including the latest one: “America! The Victim Of The Primitivism”.


As I wrote in that post: “Only a white man can step twice on the same bow-rake”.


This was a part of a joke, but as you all know very well, every joke has some portion of a joke.


The people in the top echelon of the Democratic party proved to demonstrate themselves as extremely “white”, so, for them twice is not the limit.


A clear indication of this is the fact that for four years since 2016 none of the authors (i.e. David Frum, Tom Nichols) of the major left-leaning media outlets (e.g. the Atlantic, NYT, USA today, CNN, CBS, NBC) produced any original idea. Reading those papers was just booooring. The result of The Degradation of White Male American Elite is right in front of our eyes.

If it wasn't for the COVID, none of the Democrats would have had any chance against Trump. And even with the COVID and with the Obama voters (you know who I mean) Biden is struggling to win. If he wins, coupled with the losses in the Hose and the possible gains in the Senate it only shows one simple fact: beyond people who will never vote for another party, flip-flop Americans are sick and tired of the politicians they had for four years and just want to switch them: from a Democrat to a Republican; from a Republicans to a Democrat. 

And no amount of money could change that. These elections prove again that in politics the amount of money does not matter. What matters is how that money is used. Clearly, spending all that money on advertising how bad Trump is, was, well, let's use a soft language, not smart (BTW: “In Politics thinking Makes All The Difference”).


Two more quotes from Mr. Montanaro.


“The realignment is happening”. “the diversifying Sun Belt states are changing the map”.


In plain words, predominantly red states, meaning predominantly white states, are being more and more diluted by non-white population. That is a trivial consequence of a simple fact – the non-white population grows faster than the white one. Basically, he implies that if they, the Democrats, wait long enough, the non-white voters will be able to flip the red states to the blue states.


It proves, again, that the Democrats do not know what to do about American whites. They just put all their hopes on the non-white supporters.


I just say that in time the Democrats will be greatly disappointed.




I have been writing on this matter before, so, for example, read “Voted. What’s next? A race war”


The main lesson I learned from the 2020 elections is that in America no one learns any lessons. 


At least as fast as it's required. 


Dr. Valentin Voroshilov 


P.S. If you think that I'm only good at criticizing the Democrats, your are wrong. In my publications (remember two lists I mentioned?) I offered plenty of approaches - new and original, but logical and based on historic precedents. And I shared all of them with the relevant people. Well, formally relevant, but actually irrelevant as politicians or political advisers.

For more on the matters of politics, follow to this page: Politics.


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