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Dr. Voroshilov: from A to Z A driven professional, an eloquent expert, a productive author, and a collaborative colleague: (Professional past, present, and future) 
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    ·                Artificial Intelligence
    ·                Fundamentals of Quantum Physics 
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    ·                Strategies For Teaching Science
    Two short video presentations:

















    Developing Strategies and Technology for Generation and Analysis of Longitudinal High Frequency Data Streams from Faculty and Students


    The Layered Classroom Approach to Teaching

    Is the Cat Worth Be Saved? or A Curious Case of a Risky Entrepreneur.

    Freeing The Schrodinger's Cat: Solving The Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics: part I

    The Core Assumption of Every Known Single Photon Experiment Is Wrong

    American Republicans are just Russian Bolsheviks!

    "Why Didn't I Win", by Elizabeth Warren (2020)


    What Do All People Want?


    The Oldest Published In New-England Joke About Stupidity 

    If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will (By David Frum)

    Disinformation - The New Weapon Of Republicans

    When a tradition must go - away


    What Is Wrong With Socialism. Really


     No sign for improving math education soon.  

    When money do not matter.
     In Management Thinking Makes All The Difference

    Ed + Tech = ??

    Why does Seth Moulton run for the President and what does it say about the Democrats?

    A word to Senator Sanders, and other anti-Trump warriors

    How the media killed the most important political event of this election cycle.

    Invest in EdTech and disrupt K12 education.


    Open Classroom Initiative: invest in the first world-wide open library of lessons.

    How To Fail A Job Interview

    The Strategy to Curb The Student Loans Debt Crisis.


    On the entanglement between superfluidity, superconductivity and entanglement.

    Why Didn't Hillary Clinton Win The Race?

    Who Will be The Real President?

    Happy Teachers' Day!

    The Road To World Domination Lies Through Mass Education: Part I

    Monetary Feudalism, State Capitalism, or Why Does Putin Smile?




    Checking the Intelligence of Massachusetts Republicans


    China v. US.: the battle of strategic thinking


    The difference between online learning and remote teaching.


    Why Calling IA “Intelligence” Is Not Intelligent.

    Obama's legacy is Trump. Who will be yours, Mr. Biden?


    Getting ready for the fall semester? Here are some hints.

    I want you to know what I did last summer! (video and other resources for physics teachers)






    Note: this page
    provides links to some YouTube videos on different matters (most of my videos are my lectures, but some are on politics or whatever comes to mind).

    Three presentations for AAPT meetings (pdfs):

    Additional publications are at

    P.S. A large portion of my ideas come to me while I am in traffic or in a swimming pool. During the day there is not often much of a time to formalize them in a fashionable way. This blog is the best I can do. Well, so far, let's wait for retirement.

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