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Saturday, January 5, 2019

American Republicans are just Russian Bolsheviks!

American Republicans are just Russian Bolsheviks!
(Original version of this post has been published in the summer of 2016 and available here - that page also has some short pieces about politics written mostly in 2016).

The latest on this topic is at: "The Impeachment is Over. What's Next?"

Disinformation - the new weapon of Republicans.

When I came to the U.S. I wanted to become a part of the greatest democracy in the world, so I decided to register as a member of a political party. After checking the general ideas of the two largest parties I decided to become a Republican. In Russia there was only one political party and in order to become a member, one had to get through a lot of scrutiny. The first surprise was that to become a party member here in the U.S one has to do one thing – make a small payment at least once a year. That was easy. So, for a number of years I was a dormant Republican. The Hell broke during 2008 Presidential elections. I personally liked senator Obama as the best of all candidates from both parties. But soon I started getting a lot of crazy letters from RNC, many of those had lots internal contradictions, or no logic at all. Those letters brought a lot of limply plain lies. People who wrote those letter assumed that I was a stupid uneducated person who is angry at everyone and they wanted to make me even more angry (remember, it was the time of a financial crisis and a lot of people were very angry already, including me). The authors of the letters clearly did not want me to think, they did not reason with me, did not lay out any arguments. I saw patterns of brainwashing and emotion manipulation.
Very similar patterns, indeed.
Very soon I realized that RNC was using exactly same media technologies Russian Communist Party has been using for decades. Among many common themes were “Everyone hates us/U.S. and we must defend ourselves even if we need to sacrifice our individual freedoms”, and “We must have a strong leader”, “We are the only people who know the truth, all others are liars and influenced by our enemies”.
Anyway, I do not like being manipulated (one of the reasons I left Russia; and one of the reasons I recognized the patterns), so I quit being a Republican simply by stopping making my annual payment. However, I have been getting that kind of letters for a long time. In hindsight, I should have collected them.
A very similar behavior I observed again in 2016. But this election year was the craziest of all. I already have posted a couple of posts on similarities between the current attempt (at least as it is seen today) of a mob revolution in the U.S. and some of the mob revolutions in the past. That includes the fact that all of the mob revolutions are based on emotional manipulating and directing people’s anger to an uncritical support and destructive actions. Here I want to add a couple of more.
The majority of people supporting an odious leader do not want to participate in an everyday social building. They want to have “a strong but fair king/tsar” who would rule with “an iron fist”, mercilessly eradicating all enemies (of course the “king” will never turn onto his current supporters, or will he?). Those people are looking for an easy way out, they want somebody else doing the work for them – like reading, thinking, comparing, analyzing, communicating, compromising, writing documents, etc. However, the history proves that the new “king” never does what he promised, and just uses the opportunity to strengthen his power by getting rid of anyone who disagrees.
Another group of people who support an odious leader is ones who are just looking for a personal political/financial gain (of course, when it happens, it will never go away, or will it?).
It has been interesting to see how many prominent Republicans lined up behind a candidate they all initially ridiculed – not as a candidate but just as a human being. And now they all praise the same human being they ridiculed and laughed at. Did they change their views about Trump as a human being? Of course not! But they swallowed their feelings anyway. One might wonder - why? The main answer is – because they have become afraid of being pushed out of the politics by the aggressive Trump supporters who brought him up the ranks. To the public those high-ranking Republicans say that they do it “for the Party”. Some of them may be saying it even to themselves – a common version of self-manipulation (no normal person wants to admit the lack of integrity – even to themselves).
However, even this phenomenon is not new in the history. For example, during the purge, in 1937 - 1938 in Russia, more than a dozen formerly prominent party and government leaders were charged with espionage and treason, and with killing other prominent Russian leaders. Eighteen former top party members out of twenty-one were executed (including Nicolai Bukharin who for many years was one of the closest allies of Josef Stalin). The most astonishing thing was that they all confessed to the bogus offenses. In personal letters found and published much later many of them made a statement that they confessed not because of being tortured (not all of them were) but to preserve the Party unity, because they wanted to avoid the Party to be broken into factions fighting for the power, especially in front of looming war (
In hindsight, that purge of the top party members finalized Stalin’s path the Russian throne.
I do hope that Donald Trump will not win (when a student asked me who would I vote for – I said: “For the lesser of the two evils”). However, I hope even more that the Republican party will be broken in factions, and the aggressive, racist faction of “deplorables” will eventually shrink down (like KKK did) taking with it all the current Trump endorsers. But the healthy part of the party will eventually reconstruct itself as a true conservative movement – because the democracy needs two strong parties (at least) to function.
BTW: many of those who in 1938 manufactured bogus trials soon were purged, too.

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