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Sunday, May 26, 2019

How the media killed the most important political event of this election cycle.

How the media killed the most important political event
of this election cycle.

The fight for the sole of America requires a functioning brain.

Having a brave heart is not enough. 
To win, one also needs a strong mind.
More than a month ago former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican Bill Weld announced his bid intention to challenge Donald Trump.
Since then no media would even mention his name.
There are two possible reason for that, which I will discuss later.
First, I want to stress how important this event can become, if the Democrats would understand its significance.
There is no doubt, Mr. Weld will not defeat Donald Trump in the Republican primaries.
This may be the first reason the media do not want to pay any attention to him.
If he has no chance, why even bother? People have no interest in routine and boring things; people need exciting things, like twenty self-centered arrogant Democrats peacocking themselves.
But that would only prove again how shortsighted (a fancy word for “stupid”) the media are.
Because the game will, or at least, can just begin after Bill Weld loses the primaries.
The next day after his loss he can become an independent and start his own presidential campaign.
And of course, again, he will not win – there is no doubt about that, either.
But – if he does it right, and if the Democrats do it right, he can steal crucial votes from Trump.
Two-three weeks before the election day he can even call on his supporters not to vote for him, but vote for the Democrat, because, as he keeps saying, his main goal is defeating Donald Trump (not becoming the President).
And that can make all the difference.
This is how Donald Trump will lose.
I have described this approach many times in my previous publications on politics, new and old, for example in “The True Role Of The Third Party”; that was based on my analysis of “Why Hilary Clinton Lost the Race” presented to some top Democrats.
There is a chance (and the second reason) that the media deliberately ignore Mr. Weld specifically because they do not want to inform people about the strategy I just described, but that chance is dismal.
I am positive that all those pundits, analysts, think tank “experts” are simply not smart enough and not knowledgeable enough to see outside of their boxes that are limited by their playbook written by people who have never had to solve extraordinary problems (they all represent the declined stratum of managers).
The only strategy they know is described in three trivial rules:
1.           An attractive candidate
2.           Attractive ideas
3.           A lot of advertisement
I have to repeat again that Democrats (and this term is a shortcut for “the Members of the Democratic Party who are Responsible for Making Strategic Decisions”, or MDPRMSD – sounds complicated, it’s just simpler to say “Democrats”) are not capable of designing strategy required for devising the political machinery of the new type.
There is only one rule for that new political machinery – win by not breaking a law.
Example #1.
“He who has eyes” sees that Donald Trump is a narcissist, and as all narcissists he is emotionally imbalanced. Democrats need to has a specific strategy to exploit this fact. It is good for them, but it is also good for the Country, because having an emotionally imbalanced narcissist as the President is bad, hence anything goes to replace him.
As a part of that strategy, Democrats need to have a special focus on people who help Donald Trump to keep his emotional balance; to keep those people busy with other own things, so they could not spend too much time on babysitting the President.
Example #2.
Even Senator Sanders does not fully understand the political psychology. He needs to address his “socialism” or he will lose to Trump (if Democrats will allow him to win the primaries).

Example #3.
If Democrats would understand the importance of Mr. Weld’s actions, they would instruct their media to embrace his campaign, to make him a star, to get people to get used to his appearances, his ideas, to help him to promote his views.
Instead, they killed his media presence by ignoring him.
And that, my friends, is how Democrats lose their elections.
Everyone is playing the game of chess, but Democrats still are trying to win in checkers.

Appendix: a "media shorts” on the matter

For Democrats who do not understand logic, this metaphor may help (or not). Arrogance destroyed the High Sparrow.
Arrogance has led Democrats to the loss in 2016.
Arrogance will lead Democrats to the loss in 2020.