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Monday, September 28, 2020

Transcripts to the “Alien Thoughts” videos


Hi everyone.

A short note on choosing how to vote in November.

All my life, since I reached the voting age, I knew exactly how to vote, and why.

Until now.

I am 50-50 torn between voting for Trump or Biden.

I know that Trump represents the worst of America, that he rides the wave of racism, fascism, bigotry and misogyny.

But I have serious doubts that Biden, or the Democrats in general, have any idea what is happening in the country, why Trump won, and what to do about that.

Too many Americans still believe that Trump is just a fluctuation.

Too many Americans are still having good life and do not treat Trump as the most dangerous threat to the country’s future.

Maybe, in order to see how serious the things are, America needs another shock – in the form of another Trump’s term.

Although, the next Trump’s term my lead to irreparable social and political damage.

That’s a risk I have to weigh.

Maybe, when the time comes, I’m just gonna toss a coin.

I’m Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.

Thank you for watching “Alien Thoughts”, you can find more on my blog Cognisity.How.

And thank you World for our existence.


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Hi everyone.

A short note on how to beat Trump.

I believe that for Biden’s campaign attracting Bernie Sanders supporters is much more important than trying to convert Trump-undecided.

And the best guy for the job is President Obama.

He needs to make a short video (or a speech) saying something along these lines.

“Like many of you, I did not believe that Donald Trump could win the presidency. And like many of you, when that happened, I was shocked. I was forced to reassess my views on the social, economic, and political landscape. And today, I have to admit, that I underestimated the depth and the breadth of the economic struggle of the millions of Americans. That was my mistake, and I don’t want President Biden to repeat it. I believe that Joe needs to design his policies in close cooperation with Senator Sanders. Some of the Bernie Sanders’ ideas may seem too radical. But together, the left wing Democrats and the centrists Democrats will be able to redesign our economy, to shift it from being beneficial to just a few rich guys toward beneficial to all Americans.”

I hope someone from his circle would come across this message and let him know about it.

I’m Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.

Thank you for watching “Alien Thoughts”, you can find more on my blog Cognisity.How.

And thank you World for our existence.


P.S. For more reading, please start from In politics thinking makes all the difference.



Hi everyone.

A short note on banning foreign students from staying in the U.S..

In a long run, Trump is right about it.

I know, his motives have nothing to do with the wellbeing of the country, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

America is the only country in the whole world that cannot survive without constant influx of foreign intellectuals. Tech leaders, business leaders, college and university officials openly accept this as a fact.

America has become addicted to foreign intellectuals the way in the 70th it was addicted to oil. Nothing good can come from that. We talk here about the most important national capital – human capital.

The real problem is that American system of education does not produce enough domestic intellectuals. And the main reason for that is that for American businesses it is much cheaper to buy a highly qualified foreign professional who was educated without spending a single American dollar, than “loosing” their precious money on making Americans educated on par with foreigners.

The only reason American businesses will finally turn their attention to the dismal quality of American education, starting from public education, is if they will be cut off from the influx of foreign professionals.  

I’m Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.

Thank you for watching “Alien Thoughts”, you can find more on my blog Cognisity.How.

And thank you World for our existence. Bye.

P.S. For more reading, please start from “Trump is right about foreign students” at


Hi everyone.
A short note on strategic thinking in politics.
The last 20 years have a very distinct feature - a lot of close races, on all levels, including the Presidential race.
This is a clear sign telling us – “Change your political strategy!”
And yet, politicians, political pundits and strategists, and most importantly big donors who feed all those people with money, keep acting like nothing happened.
It's like putting on every morning the same shoes again and again, even though you have grown up, and you can barely squeeze your feet is those shoes anymore.
Politics is about power, and when two strong political forces cancel each other out, they become powerless; and that means – a third force – however week it is – will be making all the difference.
Yes, I'm talking about the third political party, or a movement, or an affiliation.
But not about any of the existing ones.
Those people are egoistic ignorants.
Anyone who believes that the third party candidate can become the President is an idiot.
But everyone who believes that the third party is irrelevant is even a bigger idiot.
The true role of the third party is not to propel its own candidates – at least for the first 5 to 10 years.
It's to propel candidates from other parties.
Candidates with whom they will make a deal.
A deal that would show people the importance of the party.
I deal that would eventually put the party on a political map, bringing to it more and more respect, giving it more and more political weight.
However, in order to succeed, this new party has to be built on a strong internal discipline. To be a member giving money is not enough. You wonna be a member? You have to be involved in actions.
And the name of the party should be inclusive to everyone, like “Conservative Liberals of America”.
The current state of political stalemate will stay for decades.
That is why rich and politically active people like Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer, if they had any ability to think strategically, would be building – right now – such a party, or a movement, or an affiliation.
I’m Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.
Thank you for watching “Alien Thoughts”, you can find more on my blog Cognisity.How.
And thank you World for our existence.

P.S. For more reading, please start from “An Open Letter to Dr. Wheelan”.



This is not the first time I turned to YouTube.


This part of the page provides links to short videos (made years ago, but still current), which I call TubeCasts.


It is like a podcast, but on YouTube.


However, the video is not important, so one can just listen to the it.


Why wouldn’t I just make a podcast?

Because making YouTube videos is very simple, easy-peasy, 1,2,3 done.

I know how to do it and I have plenty of experience in doing it.


And because I am too lazy to learn how to do a podcast.


The list of TubeCasts


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