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Friday, October 23, 2020

Why Russian Americans vote for Trump.

 Why Russian Americans vote for Trump.

There are two types of Americans: American Americans and Russian Americans.

And when I say “Russian Americans” I do not mean Russians who have become Americans (i.e. “American Russians”).

I mean American born Americans who have the same mentality as many Russians do.

And the number one trait of such mentality is the longing for a strong leader who will fix their miserable lives.

The political events of the last decades have proved with the undeniable strength that all those theories propelled by Republicans and Libertarians about Ronald Reagan's bootstrapping” and “pulling themselves up” is a complete and utter BS (Beyond Sense-making).

When millions of Americans, a year after a year, a decade after a decade, have been losing their good paying jobs, they did not convert themselves into entrepreneurs, they did not “pull themselves up”, no. Instead, they have been quietly struggling and waiting for a “Savior” to come to save them. And then they found that “Savior” in Trump.

BTW: only about 10 % of the human population has the entrepreneurial gene; Anyone can become the President”, or “Honey, you can be anyone you want!” is simply a big fat lie. Although, when parents lie to their children it's because they don't want to discourage them from trying things. Politicians lie because they want to manipulate ignorant people into doing something that is against their (people) own interests. That is why the voting age is set to a relatively high number. But when biologically adults have the mental capabilities of teenagers, voter manipulation becomes as simple as making children into eating veggies. There are parents who abuse their children - they don't deserve to be parents. Politicians abusing power by exploiting voters who have mental capacities of 15-year-olds must be banned from politics.

BTW: this is why good public education is crucial for democracy.

BTW: this is why the Republicans so against of good public education. They sabotage everything that can improve public education for, well, anyone - Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, ... . Especially Whites! (that's a thinker).

Back to American “Russian Americans”.

Of course, Trump will not solve their problems. Of course, the Republican party will not be able to fix their miserable lives. But the Republicans are using this time as an opportunity to strengthen their hold on political power.

Because those American “Russian Americans” also share another important trait with many Russians – they are ignorant and easily manipulated.

As I wrote before, American Republicans are very similar to Russian Bolsheviks. The only principle they follow is the end justifies the means, assuming the end is the power – at all cost, at any cost, even at the cost of destroying the republic.

George Orwell wrote it very clearly in his 1984 novel: “The object of power is power”.

And the Republicans are fighting teeth and nails for power because, as I wrote more than once, they are very scared of the upcoming demographic (read - racial) changes in America, when the white majority will become the ethnic minority.

When millions of poorly educated Americans feel miserable, it is actually a good thing for the Republican party, because that gives them an opportunity to play a blaming game – “It’s the Democrats!”, “It’s the immigrants!” – “They make your life miserable! Only we can save you!”

And the truth is that the Democrats bare a lot of guilt in making life of millions of Americans miserable. Unfortunately, the DNC does everything it can to hide this fact – and that makes things even better for the Republicans - BTW: one of the reasons why many actual Russian Americans also vote for Trump.
American “Russian Americans” love to display their love for America. The love to repeat on any occasion how proud they are to be an American. But if you ask one - what specifically are you proud of? The answer usually is - what? what do you mean? I'm an American, what else do you need? Well, there are such factors as wage, health, education (!), the feeling of the satisfaction of your life (i.e. happiness, or on the opposite side - a suicidal level), and other parameters of the quality of life, of the general well-being of the commonwealth. Statistics shows that in America, for many Americans, the quality of life is very low - nothing to be really proud about. But at least I'm free!” is the common denominator for many “Russian Americans”. But - really? Free of healthcare? Free of having good education? What does freedom to enterprise worth if one has no knowledge, skills, and health to do work as smart and as hard as needed? What does freedom to speak your mind worth if the mind is blank? When people say that democracy dies in darkness, that' not very accurate.

Democracy dies in darkness of human minds.

So, to answer the question in the title – many American “Russian Americans” vote for Trump because they do not trust in the ability of American establishment to make their life better, they don’t believe that American establishment cares about them, and because of that (and since they have no good education) they represent an easy prey for manipulative politics.

They very first step the Democrats must make to even begin gaining back the trust of those people is to openly accept their responsibility for the gradual demise of the quality of life of those people.

But since the Democrats are not going to do that, even if Biden takes the With House, Trump or other populist politicians will always be lurking around.

Trump was the legacy of Obama.

Biden’s legacy may be someone even worse than Trump.

P.S. Speaking about the role of education,  found this picture on Facebook. It was posted at an entrance of a South African university.

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