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Monday, November 2, 2020

Voted. What’s next? "A race war."



As millions of Americans, I already voted. 


I voted for Biden.


Not because he will be a good President; he won’t.


But this is not the first time I had to choose the lesser of the two evils.


I laid out my position on American politics in many previous publications.




Just click here.


In this piece I want to paint the upcoming future of America, to show the dominant political forces that will be shaping it.


Politics is the fight for power.


The future politics will not be defined by the fight between the Republicans and the Democrats; it will not be about which wave will be stronger – the “Red wave” or the “Blue wave”.


The future of the American politics will be defined by the struggle between the “White wave” and the “Black wave” (in a sense, one could call it “a race war”). I have to say upfront that I'm not the only one and not the first one who is or was predicting “a race war” (Google it), but I am convinced that the time has significantly changed and the social conditions are very different from the time of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King jr. (I talked about this in this post).


On the surface, and in the media, everything may be presented in a different, more accustomed, usual way, i.e. “Republicans v. Democrats”, or “Conservatives v. Liberals”.


But underneath of all of that the real power struggle will be between white population of Americans and non-white (lead by the Blacks) population of America.


There is nothing mystical about this prediction.


It is based on well established, and very well-known data.


Demographic data.

In America, the growth rate of non-white population overpassed the growth rate of white population. Soon, some say by 2044, white American will become the minority. Even sooner, by 2032, the majority of the working class will be non-white.


Whether someone likes it or not, but eventually, the demographic power will make a transition into the political power. Non-white Americans will become the dominant force in American politics.


There is nothing that can stop this from happening.


Well, there is.


For example, white supremacists can join forces with religious radicals, take political power and install a fascists regime. For the last five years we have been observing the glimpses of this power grab, and tomorrow America may become one step closer to that. Everything Republicans (remaining in the party and following Trump) do is to get ready for the day when white Americans become the minority.


Another option is to provide a massive governmental support of all sorts (money, healthcare, child care, etc.) to all women to make taking care of kids an easy job. But that would be considered “socialism”, and hence, will never happen (Oh, the power of stupidity!! The clear sign of a deep degradation of American elite, as I wrote two years ago).


In any scenario, I foresee escalating power struggle between Whites and Non-Whites.


For hundreds of years African Americans have been feeling oppressed, because they have been oppressed. All economic and political structures in America have been built to keep white American a dominant economic and political force. Racism in America has been and remains a built-in feature in politics and economy; it has been and remains systemic and systematic.


But with the growth of the non-white population, America will see an inevitable growth of the anti-racism.


However, the most probable scenario is that the anti-racists forces will become (at least at the beginning) mostly anti-white forces.


There is nothing mystical about that prediction – pure human psychology.


“You have been making our lives miserable. Now it’s our time to pay you back for all our past suffering; now it’s your time to suffer”.


It’s called “revenge”. And I bet that (at least at the beginning) the dominant psychology in the anti-racist movement will be the revenge psychology.


Because, well, the human nature.


The human nature multiplied by the predominantly low level of education.


Drastic political changes do not happen by the actions of the smartest and the brightest. Drastic political changes happen by the actions of the least educated who are led by some smart and manipulative people: Hitler, Stalin, Trump, … (Trump was Obama’s legacy, and even if Biden wins, there is a high probability that his legacy will be someone even worse).


The majority of the white Trump supporters represents the least educated layer of white Americans.


African Americans represent another layer of generally poorly educated people.


BTW: not their fault, Americans of all colors have a poor education because American elite never wanted to spend enough money on making public education good. The vast majority of money the government used to propel a so called “educational reform” did not go to schools and teachers, but went to so-called “researchers” and “advisers” (as described in this example). Basically, some members of elite moved money to other members of elite. And they are planning on doing this again.

It's like when 90 % of the Country have no food, instead of spending money on growing corn and potato the Congress decided to study which type of corn/potato is more nutritious.


There is the right way to approach the reform (making teachers to be the leading force), but that approach does not include spending millions on useless “research”, hence, no one wants it.


Hence, don’t expect any visible progress in public education any soon.


Hence, the future politics will be defined by the power struggle between two the least educated parts of American population: poorly educated Whites, and Blacks.


Elementary logic/math forces us to make a conclusion, that purely due the upcoming demographic changes, eventually, the Whites will lose that fight.


The world history (e.g. Germany, Russia, China) shows what will happen when poorly educated masses come to a power. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the same will happen in America is in a denial, a delusional optimist.


The glimpses of what is coming for the whole country one can see in the businesses where predominantly white staff has been gradually replaced by predominantly non-white staff; e.g. many health care businesses (like nursing homes). White managers do not manage because they are afraid to be called a racists (or maybe he wasn't a good manager in the first place; the quality of management has been declining in the U.S. for decades). The norms applied to white staff are not applied to non-white staff anymore; non-white staff is treated by the lower standards. The quality of services has dropped. There are African Americans who may feel entitled for some kind of reparations: For hundreds of years my people have been exploited, why should I work now? (would be a great study find out hoe many). It may not happen in every such a business, but it does happen in some – that’s a fact.


Now, imagine the same is happening on all levels of government.


There are, of course, a means to mitigate (but not to totally avoid) this upcoming political and social turmoil. And the #1 is to start finally to educate America people. All of them. As soon as possible. As good as possible! Especially non-white Americans (since they will be the rulers).


And the #1 force that should be pushing for that should be African Americans. African Americans need to take their political economic and social future in their own hands. Because no other hands will do that for them. The African-American community is reaching such a state when it can function on its own. That, of course, is not ideal. But that will allow African-Americans to guide more and more resources into education and healthcare; simultaneously pursuing other goals like police reform.


In this election the only reason I voted for Biden was that African Americans selected him to fight Trump. If it wasn’t for them, I would be voting for Sanders, or Warren, or whoever would be running against Trump.


I wish Biden wins. I hope he wins. There is no chance that Trump administration would do anything good for public education. With Biden, the chance at least is not zero.


But if Biden will lose, I sure would like to see the faces of all Democratic strategists and top Biden supporters, starting from Obama. As I described in multiple publications, including Why Do I Want To Vote For Trump?, I don't believe that the Democrats learned any lesson from their 2016 fiasco.

Dr. Valentin Voroshilov


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P.S. I don't claim that I'm the first one who writes about upcoming race war. But I bet that my piece is the shortest on this matter. And, maybe, one of the clearest. 

P.P.S. Above, in this piece, I made a statement about the general quality of management in the U.S., I said it has been declining for decades. Some readers may say; How do you know that, do you have any proof?” Yes, I do. Just look around. Look at the mess America in. Don't see the mess? Then you are blind. Or an idiot. Or lazy. If that's the latter, spend some time on reading, start from this piece (don't worry, it's not mine and it's short). And stick to simply and clear folk wisdom:


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