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·                Artificial Intelligence
·                Fundamentals of Quantum Physics 
·                Full List Of Post On Education
·                Philosophy Of Education
·                Strategies For Teaching Science

Two short video presentations:







Is the Cat Worth Be Saved? or A Curious Case of a Risky Entrepreneur.

What Do All People Want?

In Management Thinking Makes All The Difference

Can We The People Curb Gun Violence?

Note: this page
provides links to some YouTube videos on different matters (most of my videos are my lectures, but some are on politics or whatever comes to mind).

The links to all six my applications to the NSF 2026 Big Idea Machine (from August 31, 2018 to October 26, 2018):

1. Entry125253: High Frequency Data Streams in Education 

2. Entry124656: objective measures of physics knowledge 

3. Entry125317: National database teacher PD 

4. Entry124655: role of NSF in funding education

Additional publications are at