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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Role of Race in Current Politics, or, What Could Oprah Winfrey Do?

I  Foreword (I added it on July 31st)
Democrats demonstrate a case of mass delusion, or mass masochism – again. It’s like watching a game when you know that the winner has been already fixed, but as a fan, you hide that knowledge deep inside. Everything is happening exactly like in 2016 when the Democratic Party establishment coupled with big donors has made their choice. But now it's Joe Biden. Mark my words – he will be nominated - everything else is a theater, a comedy or a drama, a spectacle to give people who believe in fairytales and miracles a sense of importance – a participation trophy that says; “I was making a difference!”
No, you didn’t. But you thought you did – good for you!
BTW: you could.
Joe Biden has a slight chance of beating Trump – but only if the democrats will go beyond trivial mass advertising of popular slogans and start working on a brand-new political machinery. Here is your chance to make a difference – push your representatives in that directions.
Start from reading something NEW.
etc. (there are more).

The original post

I still remember my feeling I had a while ago when I overheard this conversation.
Man #1 “Your crew did not do a good job.”
Man #2 “I know, they aren’t very good, but they do the best they can.”
Man #1 “Why don’t you tell them to work better or to learn things?”
Man #2 “You know, many of them are black, they may be sensitive to what I say, I don’t want to be called a racist or whatever.”

My feeling was “What is he talking about? It does not matter if you are white, or black, or any other kind, the quality of work should not depend on that”.

It was a long time ago; I just moved in the U.S. from Russia; I didn’t know much about racial history of America. In fact, when I was growing up, I was immersed in the culture called “internationalism”. It meant “people of all races are equally important”. And I still firmly believe in this idea.

However, overtime I have learned about a very strong tensions between white America and black America. And I can see the results of those tensions in my classrooms – I have a very small number of African-American students.

Gradually I have come to a realization that the majority of schools with the predominantly African-American students simply do not offer a high-quality education – enough to pursue a college education.  

And then I have come to a realization that such a state of education of African-American students has been established by design.

For decades, the majority of white American politicians have been deliberately designing strategies that would deprive African-American students from having education as good as their white counterparts had.

It wasn’t done in any obvious form or a manner. On the contrary, millions of dollars may have been channeled into education. But it was done in such a way that predominantly white researches or institutions have been elected to receive funds to do some “research” on how to improve education. After millions of dollars have been spent on research and publications, the actual state of education remained the same.

A very good account if this state of affairs is presented by Dale Russakoff in her book “The Prize: Who is in charge of American Schools”. I used her example in one of many of my posts on the matter, such as:

It’s not just politicians who have been using “education reform” as a pretext to shift some money around without making any real impact. Many rich philanthropists did the same (“People have to get over this idea that because the guy is rich he’s that smart”); and the government agencies, like the NSF, did that, too (“How much of the NSF funded fundamental scientific educational research is really fundamental?).

Time was passing, money was flowing, but the predominantly African-American schools were in a stagnant state.

No wonder, that some of the African-American workers could not provide the same quality of work as their white American counterparts. It was done by design.

I can only assume that the main reason for the essentially anti-African-American education policies was the fear of competition combined with the desire to control political power (especially when the relative portion of the white American population is gradually decreasing).

The outcome, however, eventually bit the policymakers in the a$$. Due to obvious demographic changes in the population, now America has a growing population of low qualified workforce. And that is on the top of the losses of high-quality professional positions many white Americans used to enjoy, but don’t anymore.

This brings us to the politics.

The main reason Donald Trump won the race in 2016 was the fear many white Americans felt toward African-American population. That fear has also been transitioned toward “low qualified immigrants”. Naturally, building a wall or intensify ICE’s raids (supported by more than half Americans) will not stop the demographic changes white Americans fear so much, but it provides some psychological relief – “We got those bastards”.  I have been extensively writing on this matter, and I refer everyone to such posts like:

Unfortunately, no one on the left, no one in the anti-Trump camp knows how to deal with Donald Trump and – most importantly – the reasons for he wins the minds and hearts of millions of Americans (e.g. “The Degradation of The White Male American Elite, or If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will (a word from and to David Frum)”).

That is why the Democrats are on the verge of losing to Donald Trump another election.
That is why the Democrats are desperately seeking the approval from African-American voters, whose voting or not voting will make all the difference in 2020 (like it did in three previous elections).

First, I want to point out at the fact that the general idea is not wrong.
Many African-American voters do not fully realize yet their political power, and may not vote based on ideology, but will support an African-American candidate (“The Only Way To Defeat White Nationalism Is To Embrace “Black Nationalism”).

However, asking Ms. Winfrey to run for the President is wrong.

The Democrats need to ask her to be the Vice-President.

First, if anyone would start saying: “A VP is below her status, a VP does not do anything, a VP is not important”, I say “Sorry, but you are a f#king idiot; obviously, you have never heard about Dick Cheney”.

Secondly, I want to stress, that Ms. Winfrey has to be asked NOW, before any primaries.

Democrats have to say to her: “Ms. Winfrey, pleas, pleas, pleas, be our VP. With whom running for the office? We don’t care! It is up to you! Please, feel free to talk to all of them, or any of them, make your mind, and tell everyone who you like the most. When we will win, you will decide what you want to do as a VP. You can concentrate all your energy on helping black communities to rise from the poverty, because someone has to (all the way up to reparations). Or you can do nothing at all, you can even quit, if you want. We will do ANYTHING you say!”

This needs to be done as soon as possible. All other candidates need to know that they have no chance and drop from the race. And then Democrats have to concentrate on the election campaign.

This, plus the installation of the right (i.e. correct) third-party candidate (how? - it is explained in my posts on the matter, starting from “The True Role Of The Third Party”) will guarantee the defeat of Donald Trump.

Anything else is just gambling.

And Trump does it much better than anyone on the left.

P.S. I am absolutely positive that my scenario will never be accepted or even read by any Democratic political strategist. They just don’t have enough knowledge, and imagination, and guts to say to their sponsor: “I got this very interesting idea; no, it isn’t mine, but it might be just the one we need to beat Trump”.

And that, folks, is why Democrats keep losing.

Dr. Valentin Voroshilov