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This invitation is an important sign of a recognition (especially considering that I have never been trained in the field of AI)
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      The most unnoticed, unknown, ignored and yet amazing thing about AI is that people who study it have no idea what they study because they have no definition of "intelligence". They try to build a "thinking machine" but they have no definition of "thinking". They try to build a machine that can learn things and yet they have no definition of "learning". That makes their life very simple - they can imply ANYTHING they want to. They attract billions of dollars promising things they have no idea what those things are. I find that very telling about the state of the field - it is no different from botany - a random search for gathering more data in hope to get some insight.

      I am not in the field of AI, I am in the field of actual I, or HI - human intelligence. And I am a professional in that field. That is why I have the definitions fundamental to my field.
       “A high-level of thinking, or a human-level thinking, or what I  call – thinking, is, by my definition, a deliberate manipulation with abstract mental entities in order to achieve a specific mental goal, i.e. to develop/construct/design a specific mental object/construct/concept/model.
      This ability is the reason we call humans “intelligent species”.

      Term “deliberate” implies that the person who is in the process of thinking is aware of the fact that he/she is in the process of thinking – he/she is doing it on purpose. That means, thinking, or to be more accurate, human-level of thinking cannot happen without self-awareness. Self-awareness is a state of mind. And no AI professional, not a single one the whole world, has any idea of how to generate that state in an artificial mind called an artificial neural network. No AI professional has any idea how to teach an artificial brain to think.”

      There are two questions which AI developers need to answer:
      1. Hows does Intelligence function?
      2. How to make an artificial device which mimics the functions of intelligence?
      The structure of the investments in AI clearly shows that professionals in the field pay way too much attention to the latter (second) question and ignore the most important one - the former (the first). In this environment an actual artificial intelligence is not coming any soon.
      They try to mimic a brain by a network of interconnected artificial neurons. Poor things, they cannot accept the fact that a state of mind is to be based on a state of a brain - as a whole thing, not just the combination of states of vertices (no matter how many those exist), but also the dynamic state of the connectors between those vertices. They cannot accept this because if they did, they would have to accept the fact that they are way WAY far away from understanding how a brain functions - even the simplest one. Hence they simply have no ability to model such function of a brain as intelligence. They can model some parts of it - that is true. But saying that they model intelligence is like saying that an airplane models a bird - it isn't, it is a mechanical device that also can fly, but they way it functions has nothing to do with the way birds fly. 

      The links to all six my applications to the NSF 2026 Big Idea Machine (from August 31, 2018 to October 26, 2018):

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      Additional publications are at

      P.S. A large portion of my ideas come to me while I am in traffic or in a swimming pool. During the day there is not often much of a time to formalize them in a fashionable way. This blog is the best I can do. Well, so far, let's wait for retirement.

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