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Thursday, September 27, 2018

The full list of the publications on the methodology of teaching science

What is the difference between an expert and a professional?
A professional does what is needed to be done.
An expert explains - why.  
How do people become professionals?
By accumulating professional experience.
How do people become experts?
By reflecting on accumulated professional experience.
The mission (i.e. the reason for existence) of science as a human practice is making reliable predictions.
The mission of a scientist as an agent of that practice is discovering truth and presenting it in a testable form. 
The mission of a teacher is fostering in students his/her love for learning. 
The mission of a science teacher is sharing with students the feeling of pleasure from thinking.
Two short video presentations:

I. Links to publications on the various aspects of
the methodology of teaching science (physics).
[scroll down for the papers on
II. general methodology of teaching
and III. critique of philanthropic approaches to education]

II. Links to publications on the general methodology of teaching.


III. Critical reviews of philanthropic (and more)
approaches to education

NB: www.Cognisity.How also includes posts on artificial intelligence and political issues.
In my 2016 “Searching For Visionaries” post I wrote:
A visionary is not the one who can see things farther away than others, nowadays everyone can utilize binoculars or other instruments to see things afar. A visionary is the one who can see NOW, what others will see much later.
Since then I wrote many more posts on education (evidently), but my search for a visionary philanthropist has not yet been fruitful.
The critical pieces in the third part of this webpage include descriptions of the efforts of several foundations.
My critique is not about what they do – I admire the efforts to help children getting better education.
My critique is about what they claim – they all claim to reform, reshape the whole system of education.
I have addressed that claim in my pieces.
Here I just want to repeat again that all those foundations will prove is that if you have enough money to hire enough good teachers and to provide to teachers and student good learning environment, students will be learning better than students in other schools.
Affecting the whole system of education requires much more than that; and that is the reason for me writing all those articles listed above (Don’t believe me? Read them!).
Here and now I will only repeat one major feature of the only approach which will make a difference (if applied right) – the openness (some specifics can be found in this posts).
With best wishes,

A copy of a note from the main page:
am not an idiot or a reckless person. The reason I can allow myself writing what I think, even if that is perpendicular to commonly adopted and conventional views, is that my financial situation is sufficient and stable. Of course, as a normal person, I wouldn't mind making more money, or being involved in more interesting projects (as described in my generic resume). But I do not have to pretend to be someone I'm not to make my living.

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