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Strategies For Teaching Science

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·                Fundamentals of Quantum Physics 
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·                Philosophy Of Education

The mission (i.e. the reason for existence) of education 
as a human practice is to ensure the progress of humanity.

The mission of education as a social institution
is enabling people to succeed in life.

The mission of educational institutions in higher education is equipping people with relevant professional and general knowledge and skills.

The mission (i.e. the reason for existence) of science as a human practice is understanding the world in its entirety (outside and inside human subjects); i.e. developing exact description of the world’s structure and evolution.

The mission of a specific science is making reliable predictions in a specific scientific field.

The mission of a scientist as an agent of that practice is discovering truth and presenting it in a testable form.

The mission of a scientific institution is advancing sciences.

The mission of a teacher is fostering in students his/her love for learning.

The mission of a science teacher is sharing with students the feeling of pleasure from thinking.

The mission of a mentor is sharing with students the feeling of pleasure from doing the right thing.

The mission of a parent is making children feeling safe, loved, and confident.

The mission of humanity is making world a better place

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No sign for improving math education soon.








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This webpage offers some additional  publications (old or short).

The links to all six my applications to the NSF 2026 Big Idea Machine (from August 31, 2018 to October 26, 2018):
describing specific projects for addressing different areas of education and science of education.

 1. Entry125253: High Frequency Data Streams in Education 
(link to the full text)

2. Entry124656: objective measures of physics knowledge 

(link to the full text)

3. Entry125317: National database teacher PD 
(link to the full text)

4. Entry124655: role of NSF in funding education
(link to the full text

Additional publications are at

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