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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Full Physics Course: 2019

Physics teaches people think. That is why everyone should take it.

This page is continuation of the full course description that is available on A Full Physics Course

Uploading 100 videos to YouTube is very time consuming. Maybe I will do it eventually, but so far, I just offer links to the Periscope videos of my 2019 lectures.

They are OK. Plus, all 2018 lectures in two formats are available on YouTube, the 2018 page has all the links plus links to lecture notes.

Since physics has not changed much, there are huge similarities between 2018 and 2019 lectures (and even 80 % of the jokes are the same).

Elementary Physics II, PY106, Summer II 2019, links to lectures # 26 to #1

Elementary Physics I, PY105, Summer I 2019, links to lectures # 25 to #1

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