Sunday, November 27, 2016

Five Projects Critical for Education

Our richest and smartest businessmen successfully target difficult, complex, complicated problems like:
Eradicating Polio (Bill and Melinda Gates:;
Finding cure to all diseases (Mr. Zuckerberg and Dr. Chan:;
Space tourism (Richard Branson:;
Space cargo (Jeff Bezos:;
Colonizing Mars (Elon Musk:
But NONE of them or their fellow peers wants to apply their intellect, effort, resource to dragging education out from its meager state.
One can only hope that this situation will change, and carry on with whatever is possible to be done. 
All my work falls into five large-scaled educational projects.

My LONG-term projects 
(Might take decades to complete! But keeps blood running)
1. Physics as the door into STEM education

All the projects are interconnected, but operationally independent (can be managed independently).
However, it is always worthwhile to see the whole picture.
This is why I have developed a presentation which tells about the first four projects, one after another:
This link leads to the video of the presentation (or a backup link

For more on AI (the full list):

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