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Monday, November 28, 2016

Building a community around new projects might be crucial for education reform

Building a community around new projects might be crucial for education reform
Today I had a meeting with Dean Dr. Hardin Coleman and Associate Dean Dr. Donna H. Lehr of the Boston University School of Education.
To a date, they represent the highest-level officials I was able to talk to.
I appreciate very much the time they invested in the meeting.
We have discussed some of the projects, including “Treat Education Like Space Exploration”.
I was met with very thoughtful questions, and was given very helpful feedback, useful information (including who to meet next, and what to expect).
When we were discussing a prospective of a science of education, at a certain point Dean Coleman asked me how many years do I plan to work on the project?
My answer was: “I hope I will be able to work thirty to forty more years”.
I am perfectly aware that such a project requires years, if not decades to complete.
It must have stages.
The first stage has been started and is happening right now – it is seeking people who agree with the general idea.
Many people – even high ranking university officials – think of education as an art, or a sport. They do not see the need in having a science of education. They do not even believe that a science of education is possible to be developed. And believe me or not, many people holding PhD in education agree with this point of view!
This is one of the reasons I try to attract the attention of people from the outside of education.
That is why I have to keep looking, have to keep posting posts and videos, and have to keep setting up meetings.
If you read my blog, you know my negative reaction to having Donald Trump as our new President.
However, when thinking about education, I may be able to find a silver lining in it.
I would expect the Clinton’s administration would not be making any drastic changes to the current way of educational reform. And that would mean a stagnation for many more years.
If you read my publications, you know that I advocate for significant changes in the way education is being funded, teacher preparation is being conducted, and a science of education is being developed.
With the new Administration coming, there is at least a chance that the situation in education will begin to change in the right direction.
There is also a chance the new Administration will ruin education, but this heavily depends on the people who will be brought to the top of the Department of Education.
It also will depend on the actions of all the public – from parents, to teachers, from district officials to philanthropists. And that is why we need to build a community around such projects like “Treat Education Like Space Exploration!” (, or “Physics Course to Every Student, Physics Into Every School!” (

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