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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Why Calling AI “Intelligence” is Not Intelligent.

In this short piece I prove that calling AI “intelligence” is nothing but marketing.

1. Every living system – from an amoeba, to a plant, to an ant, to a human – obeys a simple hierarchy missions:

(a) The number one mission, the top one, the highest one is to survive;

(b) The number two mission is to reproduce;

(c) The number 3 mission is to evolve in such a direction that would enhance abilities to survive and reproduce.

2. The evolution has led to the development of different organs responsible for different functions (the optimization of the actions required for fulfilling the missions requires the separation of purposes and processes).

3. The central organ responsible for the evolution is a brain.

(a) The mission of a brain is it to govern the system.

(b) The main function of a brain is making decisions.

4. Only an intelligent brain can make decisions; a pre-intelligent (or un-intelligent) brain cannot make decisions – all it can do is to react to different stimuli (there is a big difference between selecting one choice from several options and making a decision).

5. An un-intelligent brain only reacts to stimuli external to the brain.

6. Only an intelligent brain can react on a stimulus that comes from inside the brain.

7. Currently, there is no single artificial system that can mimic an intelligent brain; there is no single artificial system that can react on a stimulus that comes from inside of that system. AI professionals do not know how to develop such a system. They do not even know what “intelligence” is – they do not have a definition for that.

From previous posts (all available on this page).

A high-level of thinking, or a human-level thinking, or what I  call – thinking, is, by my definition, a deliberate manipulation with abstract mental entities in order to achieve a specific mental goal, i.e. to develop/construct/design a specific mental object/construct/concept/model.

This ability is the reason we call humans “intelligent species”.

Term “deliberate” implies that the person who is in the process of thinking is aware of the fact that he/she is in the process of thinking – he/she is doing it on purpose. That means, thinking, or to be more accurate, human-level of thinking cannot happen without self-awareness. Self-awareness is a state of mind. And no AI professional, not a single one the whole world, has any idea of how to generate that state in an artificial mind called an artificial neural network. No AI professional has any idea how to teach an artificial brain to think.

Well, not a single professional in AI field has any idea what teaching is, how it is happening, how it needs to be organized. For them “teaching” is no different from training circus animals to do tricks.

Those are the same people who cannot even make a workable design for a blog.

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