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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Obama’s legacy is Trump. Who will be yours, Mr. Biden?

The most important legacy of the Obama’s presidency is the installment of President Trump.

Of course, Obama was much smarter, much more educate, much more caring and honest person. And it was not his fault he led to Trump.

He was the just the product of the system, and could not see beyond the horizon that was put in place by his economic advisors – who also were the product of the same system.

Plus, they served that system more than they served to Obama, or to American people.

That is why Obama didn’t do much for American working class.

Obama did not notice forgotten Americans. He ignored the economic roots of the huge gap between a tiny portion of the population and the vast majority of Americans.

He did not ignore the gap – he was talking about it all the time.

But he ignored the roots of it.

And that is why he had left a huge gap between his promises and the delivery on those promises.

Ask people on the street, why do they remember as Obama’s achievement, and you will hear “He killed Bin Laden”, and “Obamacare”.

The former may have had some emotional effect, but had nothing to do with the economy.

The latter was a huge handout to insurance companies.

American health insurance system is a complete and utter fraud. It has zero transparency of price development, and that leads to huge price gouging.

Together with pharmaceutical and food industries, these three economic areas doomed Americans to a slow but very profitable death.

Here I am not saying anything new – there are many publications on this matters, for example:

I have many publications on the matters of economics and politics.

Here I want to address to Joe Biden advisers.

Joe Biden has to start thinking now and demonstrating it now why his legacy will not be someone even worth than Trump.

The reason Bernie Sanders is so popular is that millions of Americans do not trust American establishment; people do not trust American elite, and for many Biden is a part of that elite. Not as big part as Hillary Clinton was, but still, big enough to loathing him.

And they are not wrong in despising the elite – American elite has let them down.

If the Biden presidency will erode the peoples’ trust even more - he will lead to a real fascist in the White House.

Yes, he will.

And he and his advisors must have a clear understanding of this fact.

But people that governs the Democratic Party seem to not understand, or do not care about this.

Those people are so afraid of losing control over “their” society that they prefer having Trump or someone even worse than give people real economic freedom.

The history of such countries like Germany, Russia, and of course China have demonstrated and still demonstrates that dictatorship can be symbiotic with economic stability.

When the economy is so bad that millions of people live in poverty, those people are willing to give up democratic freedoms or economic certainty.

Over the last thirty years, American economy has been gradually converting into a financial pyramid that benefits only a tiny percentage of American population. The real economy, that includes production of goods and services, has been shrinking.

But the paper economy – printing dollars and shares – has been booming. And the major portions of those shares where not shared to the major portion of the population.

Wealth has become disproportionately fake – but at the same – disproportionately powerful. The politicians from both parties have been bought and served the 1 % of the riches. Why else no one could take on big pharma, big food, or big insurance? Because in Washington the lobbyists have more power than politicians. Greed has become more powerful than even common sense.

Why else millions of Americans do not trust a single word that comes out of Washington politicians and turn to a conman Savior/Mesaiah?

But the financial pyramid built by the Federal Reserve will eventually crash.

All financial pyramids eventually crash – there is no other way for ending it – printing more and more money will not save economy – it may delay the crash, but it will not avert it.

When the current financial pyramid will crash, the debris of that crash might ruin American democracy - exactly like it happened in Russia when after a brief period of social freedom and economic chaos a dictator came to the power.

That is why Biden must start thinking about the fallout from this crash before it is too late. And also, he must start thinking about changing the rules that govern the economy – to make sure all Americans will benefit from it.

And he, and all his supporters must start thinking how to act when Trump will declare the election invalid.

And he will.

Bur what bugs me even more, it is that everyone is so focused on “a bad boy Trump wants to steal elections” so they miss the big picture.

Of course, he wants to steal elections!

And of course, on November 4th he will announce dozens of reasons why he does not accept the results.


Accept this as a law of nature.


But even more important is that EVERY Republican will do THE SAME!

It will be legislative chaos and paralysis.

And the Democrats only keep whining.

That is why Democratic patriots have to start forming teams/groups/squads to guard every single election office, so every single ballot could be counted.

And until every single ballot will be counted - every single town-hall/city-hall and every polling place has to be secured.

Has anyone in this country read Lenin?

That guy knew how to make a coup.

And - how to stop it.

How smart are you, Mr. Kennedy? The test.

To Representative Joe Kennedy, the U.S. Senate candidate.

For everyone who has eyes and a functioning brain it is clear that the Trump’s presidency is the result of the awful state of the public education in America. If it wasn’t for actually poorly educated, he would have never been the President.

And it is obvious that the Democrats have no idea how to improve public education - if they had, they would do something productive, and there would be no Trump in the White House.  But all what the Democrats have are slogans.

When president Bush initiated the “No Child Left Behind” Act, at least he had a specific idea for how to make education better. That was not the best idea, and it was very poorly implemented,  but at least it was specific enough to provided some guidance for all educational institutions in all States, and in all cities and towns.

So, Mr. Kennedy, what is YOUR specific plan for reforming education in the country?

What is YOUR specific plan for making public education sufficient to the level that American companies would not be addicted to highly educated foreigners?

This is a rhetorical question because I know, I am absolutely positive, that you have no such a plan.

Because no one does.

No one is offering a specific line of actions that would result in so badly needed improvement in public education across the country.

But I do.

I can offer such a specific line of actions.

I can offer a specific strategy that has not been used yet, or even discussed yet.

That strategy is based on a solid science of human behavior (e.g. think of behavioral economics).

To see that I know what education is about and how it's supposed to be done I recommend to check my professional experience and achievements.

You can start from this page:

I will vote in the elections.

I always do.

But before making my mind about supporting you or not, I want to know that you are a leader who is smart enough and bold enough to surround himself with people smart enough and bold enough to recognize other smart and bold people.

This letter is a test.

This letter is a test of your operatives who will read this letter and will make a decision about it.

And in that, this letter is a test for you.

Good luck with your campaign.