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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

How and Why the Democrats Screwed up the Party and its Future?

A disclaimer. When I say “the Democrats”, I mean the top echelon of the Democratic party and people close to that circle; big donors, think tank analysts, pundits – all those people who design the party strategy, who form its political line of action.


And I want to start this piece from repeating myself. As I said (many times) before – the Democrats are idiots.


“An idiot” is not a swear word; it’s a clinical term that describes a person who cannot think due to certain psychological issues/features. The first time I used this term in a political publication was about three years ago in this piece: “The Degradation of the White Male American Elite”. Politics changes fast, but many parts of that piece are still as fresh as years ago.


An interesting fact: the medical meaning of such terms like “an idiot”or “a moron” has been evolving for more than a hundred years:


I would also like to present another quote from myself: “The Republicans are smart but evil, and the Democrats are nice but stupid”. Of course, it is just a metaphor, but I believe it captures the essence of the case.


In this case “stupid” is an equivalent of “an idiot”, although, in general, the difference is that a stupid person (again, not a swear word but a clinical term) is a person who cannot think due to some biological issues (I addressed this terminology in a different publication: “What does it mean to be smart?”).


As a man of science, I know that terminology is an important instrument for making our statements as clear as possible. Science begins from classification and definitions. And in science calling things what they are is the only way any science can be done.


In “Being polite v. being nice” I wrote: “Saying to a short person – you’re short – is not an insult, it is merely a statement of a fact. Saying to a fat person – you’re fat – is not an insult, it is merely a statement of a fact. Saying to an idiot – you’re an idiot – is not an insult, it is merely a statement of a fact. Of course, when people hear facts they don’t like, they may feel upset, angry, vindictive, etc. And that is fine. The real question is, what are they going to do about that? A short person can become an actor. A fat person can lose some weight. And an idiot could, maybe, eventually, start learning from others. Or they could focus all their energy on destroying the source of the fact they don’t like to hear.”


After such a long foreword, let us finally start talking about what is wrong with the Democrats.


What are those signs that allowed me to make a statement that the Democrats are idiots?


The first fact is trivial: the Democrats barely got the Presidency, they didn’t flip the Senate and may even lose the House (when I am writing this piece, that is all I know as a fact).


The number of the Electoral votes is not an indicator that can be used to judge a political strategy. Well, 290 still is a very low number, definitely not a landslide, not a Blue Wave. The hope for the death of the Republican party was an exaggeration (rings the bell?).


But a much more important fact is that the victory came from a set of razor-sharp races in several battleground States.


Coupled with the dismal Senate and the House races this is a clear indicator of a very badly developed political strategy.


And the strategy was developed so badly because the Democrats do not know their voters, their people, or people in general.


And when I say “voters”, I don’t mean people who will vote (or not) for the democrats no matter what. I mean people whose votes have been making all the difference for the last 20 years, swing voters, undecided voters, independent voters. Those people represent a very slim layer of American society, but for the last 20 years those people have been deciding the political landscape of the Country.


And the Democrats do not know what those people want, and because of that they consistently have been offering to those people a wrong remedy.


Again and again the Democrats used any chance they had (radio, TV, ...) to brag about how much they did for American people. And the list is long: items says “we gave you this, we gave you that” (health care, prescription drugs relief, food stamps, ...).


There are many Americans who love that. Mostly young, because they don’t know what else is there, and they romanticize Socialism. They are ignorant and have no idea what Socialism really is about – and that is not about concentration camps, not at all, the issue is economical. More on this in this piece: “What is wrong with socialism. Really?”.


And - and that is very important - the young are very VERY loud, so loud that many Americans assume that the whole party is composed of those loudly screaming ignorant wokes. And because the young and restless compose now a large portion of the party, the top Democrats are scared and have no idea what to do.


There is another large group of voters who love an idea of the “government with a human face” – African Americans. I will return to this point later in this piece.


The fact is, though, that the people who decide elections (for now, and for about 10 more years ahead) perceive all those government-trickled-down programs as charities, as handouts. And they do not want charity; charity makes them feel small and disrespectful. Those people want dignity. Those people want to have good jobs that would allow them to take care of their families, including food and health. They want to respect themselves for being able to provide for their families, not for being able to consume the government-backed gifts. Even though many progressive proposals may make the life of those people better, they do not see it that way, for them that is just a temporary help, at best. But the Democrats just keep feeding the voters with promises of the government assistance. They are blind to what those people really want (rightly or wrongly – does not matter!).


And the fact that the Democrats are blind to actual wishes of the very people who could bring them to political power proves that the Democrats are idiots.


There is also another, a very important reason for the Democrats (who still can think) to keep developing large government-backed charity-like proposals.


That reason is the racial component of the Democratic party (in addition to the army of youngsters who know no history).


And when I say “racial” I mean African Americans.


I addressed some aspects of the racial component in the American politics in some previous posts, e.g.: “The Only Way To Defeat White Nationalism Is To Embrace “Black Nationalism”, and others.


Here I want to point at one fact, that for many African Americans an idea of being entitled for “free government stuff” is very natural, it follows the idea of reparations for the years of slavery: “Our people have been exploited for centuries, now it’s time for white people to pay their debt back to us”. And of course, for African Americans the power of the government is the pinnacle of the white power: “White people owe us” means “The government owes us”. The pressure from African American component of the Democratic party pushes the party to proposing more and more government handouts. And I say again, maybe that is not a bad idea per se, but it contradicts the wishes of another part of the potentially democratically leaned electorate.


African Americans already play crucial role in the Democratic party. And every year that role gets more and more important. Due to one simple reason – demography. With the growing size of the African American population, and with the stagnated growth of the white American population, and with more white Americans retreating to white defensiveness, without African Americans the Democrats have no path to political power.


I foresee that relatively soon some young and ambitions African American political leaders will realize that they do not need the Democratic party, it’s the Democratic party that needs them. And when they realize that, they may create their own political party, or a movement, or a faction. But until then, the Democratic party will do anything to keep African American voters. Even if that means passing on the chances to beat the Republicans.


Take, for example, two races in Georgia: for the Governor and now for the Senate. One African American candidate lost. Another one in a tough runoff. Now, as I say to my students, use your imagination. Imagine two democratic candidates: one is white and another one is African American. Imagine that BOTH would get exactly the same amount of African American votes (since they both are Democrats!). In that case (this is the demonstration of how logic works) the outcome of the election would be decided by the white voters. Who, do you think, would get more support and would have more chance to win - assuming that the only big difference between the two candidates is the race (not always a case, of course, e.g. Jon Ossoff does not look as Senate material to me). I would expect that the white candidate would have more chance to win. And as the result, the Democrats could take over the Senate.


But this thought experiment was based on one but very important assumption, that BOTH Democratic candidates would get the exactly identical support from African American voters. And that is NOT the case. African American voters prefer voting for one of their own (bad news for Ossoff). Hence, in a State like Georgia the Democrats have a very slim chance to win - African American candidates will not get enough support from white voters, and white candidate will not get enough support from African American voters. This is the actual, the real issue the Democratic party needs to work on. But first, the party needs to admit that this issue exists.


NB: the Democrats do not understand that when electing the President people vote differently from when electing a Senator. The President represents the whole country. He or she is voted upon the view on how things are going in general. A Senator represents a State, meaning, the voter, the person. The question the Democrats need to answer is how many white voters (in the battleground states) would like to be represented by an African American. If that number is large enough then an African American candidate has a good chance. Otherwise it’s a race down to a wire. Of course, eventually all this calculation may become irrelevant - when African American population will overgrow white population.  But with the growing number of African American voters, I except to see the growing number of white voters. That means that the Democrats will have to be solving the racial conundrum again and again and again.


Of course, the racial component of politics does not stop with African Americans. What chances do you think would AOC have to beat Peter Welch in Vermont? 


Next stop is the political rigidity.


For the last 20 years the number of close races skyrocketed. That demands developing new political strategies. But the Democrats are too rigid, too ignorant, and too arrogant to even let a mere thought of a new political strategy to enter their minds. Writing down inspiring bills is NOT a pollical strategy. Political strategy is represented by the rules of engagement with different elements/entities/groups of the political spectrum. Political strategy reflects in the political maneuvering of the politicians with politicians between politicians. The Democrats know only one way of political maneuvering, that is negotiating with the Republicans. If should have become crystal clear for the Democrats that this strategy is outdated and start looking for a new one.


Especially since the new strategy is only new for America (does anyone in the Democratic party read?).


The strategy has a name – building coalitions.


This strategy requires embracing (!) third party, or parties – of all sorts!


Of course, that also requires a completely different approach to politics on behave of the third-party politicians, and that is also a big issue in America. Currently, all third-party politicians look in a mirror and see a Napoleon, they are as ignorant and as arrogant and egoistic as the Democrats. But at least the Democrats could have started trying to change that. I have several publications on the true role of the third party, starting from this one. I want to quote myself again: “Everyone who believes that a third-party candidate can become the President is an idiot. But anyone who believes that it makes the third party irrelevant is even a bigger idiot”.  Want to learn more? Read the post.


However, the racial component of the politics, or a complete incapability for a political maneuvering  are not the biggest issues the Democrats need to overcome.


What really drags the Democrats down is the distrust of the American people (those who decide elections, the swingers).


For three decades the quality of life of many Americans has been declining.


The process of the economic degradation went so deep that many white Americans even voted for Obama – due to his promise of change; and due to their distrust to American establishment.


But Obama didn’t deliver on his promises. And now many anti-establishment Americans do not trust ANY promises done by ANYONE who may be considered as a member of establishment, especially the Democrats (including Obama).


That is why they voted for Trump.


When people do not trust you, your beautiful words mean nothing to them. That means, it is simply useless for the Democrats to keep inventing more and more attractive programs/projects because people simply will not believe in any of them. And of course, it means that building a political campaign around “Trump is bad” was idiotic. People saw that Trump was bad not because the Democrats were screaming that from all media outlets, but because they saw friends and relatives affected by the COVID. And if it wasn’t for COVID, Biden would not have any chance against Trump. Even African American voters would not be able to push him over the top. BTW: that means that if Biden will not make voters to feel significant improvement in the quality of their life, he will be replaced by someone even worse than Trump (“Obama's legacy is Trump. Who will be yours, Mr. Biden?”).


The Democrats had four years to lower the distrust, but they did nothing.


Because they are idiots who do not know elementary human psychology.


Use again your imagination, try to remember a movie (god forbid, a book!) about a troubled couple where one spouse cheated on another, but in the end they were able to put it behind. How could they make it happen? What did they do?


The first step is always – a sincere apology; acceptance of a mistake, an explanation why it was done (of course, there is more to it).


But to this very moment, not a single representative of the Democratic establishment said: “I am sorry, people, I’ve f#cked up, I thought …, and I did …., and that was wrong”.


An apology, when it is sincere, excite empathy (in a normal person – it’s called mirroring). The empathy is the first step to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the first step to gaining trust again.


But the Democrats simply are too arrogant to even think about apologizing to people for letting them down.


And that is why the Democrats do not deserve the Presidency, they do not deserve the Senate and the House.


They just do not deserve it less than the Republicans.


So, coming back to the question in the title: how and why the Democrats screwed up the party and its future?


The answer is – by being idiots.


Dr. Valentin Voroshilov

“Reason is the Soul of the Law.”

Thomas Hobbes


“Law is the essential foundation of stability and order both within societies and in international relations.”

J. William Fulbright


Hence (an example of reasoning): “Reason is the essential foundation of stability and order”.

Valentin Voroshilov


Hence (another example of reasoning):
“The presence of instability and chaos is the proof of the degradation of reason”.

Valentin Voroshilov


P.S. 01/08/2021   It looks like the Democrats pulled off to get the White House, the House and also the Senate - barelly, of course, by walking on the razor blade. The foreword of this new book is over. It is time for the Democrats to start writing the first chapter. However, if they are not bold and creative, that may be their last chapter - and the Democrats have not been showing any of t hose for a very very long time.


P.P.S. Please, pardon my Russian.  

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