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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Invest in EdTech and disrupt K12 education.

Invest in EdTech and disrupt K12 education. Yes, it is possible.

There are people who want to make the World better. They make clean the environment, they feed the poor, they bring textbooks to schools, and do much more. I admire those people. But this project is for those who want to make the World different.

This is a culmination of previous publications about Ed Tech and  EdTech.

People go in EdTech for money. They have a very primitive view about education - what it is, what it is about, what it is for, how it is done (an actual education). That is why they all stop short of what is needed, and that why they fail

But that does not have to be a case. Hence, this post.

Instead of reading, there is a short video with this presentation.
Also, links to PDFs:
Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.

I have a wide and deep experience in different areas of the field of education. You don’t need to read this slide, it is an excerpt from my generic resume available online.

In this presentation, some slides will be followed by a page like this one, taken from the text of my proposal. You don’t have to read it, this is be a link to the PDF of the full text.

As you know, there are many tutoring services available online.

They all suck. They show no vision, they are too narrowly focused. There is a way to conquer this market and to become the dominant company.

Phase 1. Developing an app. Say, you have a question, you start the app, it connects you with a tutor and starts running. When you are done your card is charged based on the number of minutes, or even second you spent with the tutor.  
This is a relevant page from the full proposal.

What makes tutoring expensive? People. Replace 70 % of tutors with AI and drop your prices and the market is yours.
Another page.

Now you have a large pool of customers. Offer them new services, offer them courses in demand – prerecorded and streamed live.

  And one more page.
You know how to teach, and you have data that proves that. Schools will be happy to use your help tutoring struggling students and managing classes based on your data.

A page with more details on phase 4.

With your experience in helping teachers to teach you enter the field of teacher professional development.
With the vast amount of learning content already adjusted for many different students, and with the experience in teacher preparation, the next step is to open an online high school where the content will be structured to accommodate individual features of students.
The next natural step is opening an online middle school.

And then – a college for teachers.

Adding reviewing and consulting services makes the company an “Amazon of Education”.

Of course, all phases should begin their development at the same time, but different time periods will require different focus.

Thank you. One may wonder why would I send this project in the open? To everyone?

Well, for about two years I’ve been trying to reach out to different organizations like funds and venture capital firms, as well as individuals.
I would send a letter asking for a 10-minute face-to-face meeting. And only once I was able to get a “thank you, but no” response. All others just ignored me.
I’m an experienced professional in the field, with the evidence that I’m smart and inventive. But, evidently, those people have no curiosity. And I decided that I do not want to work with people like that. Because people who have no curiosity also have no vision and not capable of taking a risk. With this video I am fishing for a person who has a vision. If you think you are such person, feel free to contact me.

Bye, everybody.

And thank you, World, for our existence. 
Dr. Valentin Voroshilov

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