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Friday, December 27, 2019

Checking the Intelligence of Massachusetts Republicans

A regular reader of my blog knows that I am very critical to Republicans.

But it does not mean I am rooting for the Democrats.
I am rooting for smart politicians. Smart, and hopefully, decent.
That is why a week ago I sent to Governor Charlie Baker a short letter.
This is what I wrote (due to the low quality of the pictures, not sure why, I also provide below the copies of the statements).

Governor Charlie Baker – a pragmatic who bases decisions on common sense for the good of the commonwealth.

Elizabeth Warren – an idealist, the hart is in the right place, but the proposed solutions may destroy economy.

Governor Charlie Baker Respectful  GOP politician. Will be listened by Mass GOP

Senator Ed Markey is closely associated with Elizabeth Warren and vulnerable due to multiple democratic candidates for his seat
A perfect time to unseat Ed Markey with a politically moderate professional

Mass GOP should approach a potential Senate candidate, who is:

1. Not affiliated with either Democrats nor Republicans (could be independent or a third-party candidate) – that will allow to criticize Markey, Warren and Trump

2. A well know pragmatic, a businessman or a businesswoman (preferably a woman)

3. Pursing centrists’ ideology: politics of common sense (working across all party lines, solving problems, designing solutions, not fixating on ideological dogmas)

4. Ideologically close to Mass GOP, being supported by Mass GOP

Goal: balancing out an ideological populist/extremists (e.g. Warren) with a moderate conservative-leaning professional.

Future aim: testing the approach for replacing an ideological populists/extremists  with another moderate conservative-leaning professionals.

In the long-term, even though the Senators may not be Republicans by the party affiliation (that is a difficult goal for Massachusetts), they may be ideologically close.

Good luck!
Dr. Valentin Voroshilov (

This letter is in line with my long-standing ideology of bringing to a political power the 3rd political force - not Republicans, not Democrats. Since I have been extensively writing on the matter, I send readers to the following post: "The True Role Of The Third Party In The U.S.In The Current Political Environment" that also has links to many other posts on the matter. I just want to say, again, that anyone who confuses “a third-party political force” with “a third-party presidential candidate” is an idiot.

One may wonder, what’s in this for Massachusetts Republicans?

If they are smart and not radicalized by the ideology, if they practice pragmatism over dogmatism, they should see the difference between
1. We want to elect a Republican.
2. We don’t want to elect a Democrat. We would rather elect an independent who has views close to ours.

Evidently, the Democrats are not smart enough to see that difference. So, now it is the time to test how smart and pragmatic Republicans are.

On a personal note: I believe a good candidate for this non-Republican-non-Democrat position would be - 

wait for it -

Tom Brady!

Well, maybe not for 2020 yet, but his career as a professional athlete is coming to an end - nothing lasts for ever. And he could be such a figure for whom many people would vote, regardless his independent status, and regardless their political affiliation. He could start slow - Boston or state level, and them move up the ladder. I bet, politics could give him as much adrenaline as football does. 

And a strong sense of accomplishment. Again.