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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Jeff Bezos v. Education

On June 15 2017 Jeff Bezos twitted his request for ideas:







I quickly sent my response:


I offered several project - all in education (the projects offered there later were migrated to my main blog: www.Cognisity.How).


One project was designated specifically to opening a school – a special kind of school:


Fearing that Mr. Bezos does not have time to read, some time later, on may 12. 2018, I made a short video:


Of course, I never had any feedback from Mr. Bezos, or his associates.


But on September 23, 2020, the press reported that Mr. Bezos finally turned his head toward education - he opened a pre-school:



That is yet way far away from what he could have done, but it is the step in the right direction – a small step for a man, but a reeeeeally small step for the richest guy on the planet.


BTW, Mr. Bezos, all my projects remain heavily actual/current/present/contemporary – in case you are interested in making real difference in education.

Other oligarchs are also welcome:


Dr. Valentin Voroshilov


P.S. another post about Bezos – not related to education:

 P.P.S. My hope is that Jeff Bezos may be expecting one more child, and he wants to follow his/her steps through the years of schooling. If that is a case, at the minimum he would collect - eventually - some useful data on learning and teaching.

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