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Monday, October 10, 2016

An example of NOT being a teacher.

Today I have met a man, we talked, I said that I am a teacher, and he told me a story.
His son could not get how to divide numbers.
Turns out, today math teachers teach division differently.
The man showed his son the old fashion long division and the son got it, and started using it, and was getting correct results.
However, math teacher wrote a note to the man saying that he cannot teach his son methods different from approved by a school.
This is a spectacular example of NOT being a teacher.
Down the road, it does not matter how a student does division as long as it is done correctly. And if a student can learn division differently from taught by a teacher, it only means the teacher is not good. Period.

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P.S. about a year after I wrote this post, another person told me a very similar story.

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