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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The general strategy for development of a competency-based program

The General Strategy For Development of 
Competency-Based Programs
A resent paper (click here) discusses the growth of the use of CBE (Competency-Based Education).
At one point it states, quote: “Some colleges essentially have just taken learning requirements for courses and programs (so-called learning outcomes) and rebranded them as competencies.” It happens more often than one may think, the result, of course, is no different from before rebranding (read “Appearances can be deceiving, in education, too.”).
In order to develop a serious program for CBE an institution needs to do a lot of work. In general, that work includes:

1. List a set of competencies students will acquire during the program and for each state the reason why it is important to have it.

2. For each competency define knowledge, skills and abilities students need to demonstrate at the end of the program and the means to assess the level of the development of those knowledge, skills and abilities.
3. Define a set of content modules students will be working through.
4. Define various forms students will use for acquisition of content within each module, include the time-line.
5. Define learning environment - in full, all its aspects.
6. Assess what other forms of learning (e.g. credit-based) would lead to similar learning outcomes, and state the difference.
7. Establish, develop, enact all the elements of the learning environment.
8. Establish tools for assessing the student progress.
9. Establish means for correcting learning environment.
Start the program.

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