Thursday, September 27, 2018

The full list of the publications on the methodology of teaching science

Links to publications on the various aspects of the methodology of teaching physics (science).
[scroll down for the papers on general methodology of teaching]

Modeling Instructions, Design Thinking, and Productive Thinking for a Science Teacher

Graphical Approach for Structuring Physics Knowledge

A General “Algorithm” for Creating a Solution to a Physics Problem

What does “Thinking as a Physicist” mean?

The Essence of the Meaning of “Zone of Proximal Development”

Teaching Tools for Fostering Understanding of Physics

What Math Skills do Students Taking Physics Need to Have?

Three Lessons from Neurology to Physics Teachers

What is the “Socratic Method”?

 How I flipped my class without even knowing it (a case study, works for everyone).

What does it mean to be "smart?"

How much of “cyber” in “cyberlearning” and "cyberthinking"?

 Who and why should learn physics?

What does a Teacher need to know about a Brain?

 Physics as a Door into STEM Education

What is teaching? What is learning? Why Physics? Professional philosophy of a STEM teacher.

A Problem v. a Task; the Distinction Matters!

Links to publications on the general methodology of teaching.

Critical Reading of "Making Sense of Confusion" by Jason E. Dowd, Ives Araujo, and Eric Mazur

From being a Teach-er to becoming a Teach-smith.

What is the mission of education (as a human practice)?

"Backpack Full of Cash": pointing at a problem, not offering a solution

Do we really know if active forms of learning better than a simple lecture?

Fundamental Laws of TeachOlogy: a Handbook For a Beginner Science Teacher

Facilitating In-Service Teacher Training for Professional Development

An example of NOT being a teacher.

Developing Strategies and Technology for Generation and Analysis of Longitudinal High Frequency Data Streams from Faculty and Students


The links to all six my applications to the NSF 2026 Big Idea Machine (from August 31, 2018 to October 26, 2018):

1. Entry125253: High Frequency Data Streams in Education

2. Entry124656: objective measures of physics knowledge

3. Entry125317: National database teacher PD

4. Entry124655: role of NSF in funding education

5. Entry125719: The new type of a science course for science teachers.  

6. Entry126205: The development of the uniform standard for measuring content knowledge in physics.

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